Welcome to my domain! I'm Kelly Gago, a recent graduate from the University of Georgia with majors in Entertainment and Media Studies and Film Studies. In my past four years at UGA I've worked in a variety of roles from serving as the Video Desk Editor at the local newspaper or working as the Student Media Coordinator at the Tate Student Center.  

As a Cuban-American, I strive to promote inclusivity in my work and reach out to diverse communities. My capstone short film, Cafecito, which I directed, explores the experiences of a daughter of immigrant parents like myself. I was thrilled to receive four nominations at the Elevate Film Festival for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Mise en scene, and Best Screenplay. Cafecito even won the Best Actor award!

When I'm not on set, you can catch me on my couch watching TV (My current favorite shows are Jujutsu Kaisen and House of the Dragon) or playing some sort of video game (most likely Fortnite)! 

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